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The Mar Thoma Church in the Modern World
A Ronning Centre Consultation  with the Mar Thoma Bishops in conversation  [more...]
The Manifestations of Xeno-racism After Norway
A Ronning Centre Seminar with  Andy Knight    [more...]
From an Exclusive to a Broad Faith
A Religion and Public Life Café conversation with Ray Sawatsky and David J. Goa  
[held on Friday, 14 Oct. 2011 at the  Merchants Tea & Coffee House in Camrose] 
Law, Faith, and Ethics: Narratives of Public Islam
Augustana Distinguished Lectures with Amyn B. Sajoo    [more...]
'But How Is His Reason?': The Ethical Tradition in Islam
Augustana Distinguished Lectures with Amyn B. Sajoo    [more...]


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