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The Dalit Liberation Struggle in India: Christianity as Aid or Hindrance?
A Ronning Centre Seminar with Jack Waschenfelder   [more...]
The Genius of Pietism and the Challenge of Modernity
a five part Ronning Centre Study Circle Series 
This series is co-sponsored with the Messiah Lutheran Church and the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute in Camrose, and presented at the Messiah Lutheran Church as well as the Trinity Lutheran Church in Edmonton.
1-Pietism and Social Transformation in Rural Norway
    Presented by Cam Harder   [more...]
2-Spiritual Transformation or Colonization: Pietism, a Prairie Story
    Presented by David J. Goa   [more...]
3-Pietism and the Sacraments in the Christian Life
   Presented by Eugene L. Boe   [more...]

2 - Ronning as Diplomat      [more...]

Love and Fear in the Bible and Love and Fear in Human Relationships
A Ronning Centre Consultation Series  with Bishop Raymond L. Schultz   [more...]
2-Spiritual Revival in Contemporary Islam
March 8, 2010,given at Augustana Campus, Camrose, with Prof. Fais Kaya, Zeyneb Salim, Prof. Thomas Michel and Mr. Riza Akcali, retired minister of Enviroment, Government of Turkey   [more...]
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