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Human Rights and Religious Associations:
Case Study of the Heinz v. Christian Horizons Descision?

A Ronning Forum with Iain Benson  [more...]

The Future of Political Islam and the West [more...]
Islamic Movement in the Arab World--Dr. Hassan Hanafi
Islamic Movement in Palestine Since the Oslo Accords
and the Future of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
--Dr. Mustafa Abu-Sway
Publishing About Political Islam--Prof. Roger Van Zwanenberg from Pluto Press
Muslim and Christian Relations in Syria     [more...]
A Consultation co-sponsored by ECMC Chair of Islamic Studies, The King's University College, and the Ronning Centre.
Guest Speakers:
Abdul Fattah al-Bizen (Mufti of Damascus)
Shaykh Hussam al-Din Farfour (Vice Rector of Al-Fatih Islamic Institute and lecturer at the Great Umayyad Mosque, Damascus
Presentation given at The King's University College, Edmonton, Oct. 21, 2009
also given at Augustana Campus, Camrose, Oct. 22
Presentation given at The Islamic Academy, Edmonton, Oct. 23, 2009
The Augustana Distinguished Lectures, 2009, with F. Volker Greifenhagen   [more...]  
"Little Mosque on the Prairie"
Land as Formational   [more...]
Tim Lilburn - Ronning Centre Distinguished Visiting Fellow
The Palestine - Israeli Conflict and Prospects for a Peaceful Resolution  [more...]
A Ronning Centre Lecture co-sponsored with ECMC Chair of Islamic Studies,
University of Alberta with Dr. Norton Mezvinsky
The Pilgrim's Way: A Journey Towards True Humanness
Suzette Phillips - A Ronning Centre Consultation  [more...]
Christian Orthodoxy and Modern Science: Complementarity?
Archbishop Lazar Puhalo -   A Ronning Centre Consultation   [more...]
From Stone to Flesh: The European Encounter with the Buddha
Donald Lopez - Ronning Centre Distinguished Visiting Fellow   [more...]
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