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The Church in Public Life: Luther for the 21st Century
The Augustana Distinguished Lecture with Dr. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda    [more...]

also: Excerts from
Religious Claims in the Public Square: Lutheran Resources
A Workshop for Clergy & Church Workers with Cynthia Moe-Lobeda    [more...]

The Wor(l)d of Wendell Berry
A Ronning Seminar with David Ridley    [more...]
Shame, Guilt and Sacrifice in Girard's Mimetic Theory
A Ronning Seminar with Anne Mctaggart    [more...]
Hildegard of Bingen in Her Time and Now
A Ronning Consultation with Ingrid Cramer-Doerschel    [more...]
Democracy Today and the Challenge of Religious-Spiritual Aspiration
A Ronning Seminar with Don Carmichael     [more...]
Islam in Contemporary Society   (two lectures)
Ronning Centre Distinguished Visiting Fellow with Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad    [more...]
1-Religious Formation, Identity and Politics on the Boundary Between Pakistan and India
2-Descent Into Chaos: Pakistan & India in the Wake of the Mumbai Attacks
The Roots of the Crisis in Gaza
A Ronning Centre Consultation with Dr. Ibrahim Abu-Rabi'   [more...]
Child Soldiers: Rehabilitation in the Midst of Desolation
A Ronning Forum on Religion and Public Life with Tom Faulkner    [more...]
Science as Salvation? Religion, Science and Myths
A Ronning Centre Seminar with Janet Wesselius   [more...]
Does Religion Poison Everything? A Critical Response to the New Atheism
A Ronning Centre Seminar with Joseph A. Buijs   [more...]