Sponsored by the Interfaith Chaplains' Association and Chester Ronning Centre


Fascinating to some, troubling to others, the intimate relationship between faith and politics in the United States is well known. What is the nature of this relationship and what benefits or dangers does it provide for our Canadian context? Should the border between faith and politics be crossed? Well-known writer and authority on Evangelicalism and U.S. politics, Molly Worthen will address these issues in a public lecture (at both Camrose and Edmonton) and in a forum where she will be joined by a panel of experts from a variety of faith traditions. While America elects its new president, we shall peer over the border and discuss what everyone, and no one, is talking about.


"Jesus for President": given at Augustana Campus, Nov. 3, 2008,
and also at University of Alberta, Edmonton, Nov. 4, 2008

"Faith and Politics" and "Forum": The King's University College, Edmonton, Nov. 4, 2008