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God and Evolution: Conversations with the Christian Tradition
A Ronning Seminar with Craig Wentland    [more...]
The Bible: A Weapon or Life-Giving Word, Part 2      On Reading Difficult Texts
A Study Circles Presentation with David Goa and Dittmar Mündel   [more...]
1st Speaker,Dittmar Mündel
2nd Speaker, David Goa
The Trumpet's Uncertain Sound: War & The United Church of Canada
A Centre Consultation with Tom Faulkner   [more...]
Waiting for St. Benedict: Liturgy, Memory, and the Re-Imagination
of Community in an Era of Globalization 
 with Dr. Mark W. Charlton   [more...]
Holy Week Study on the Life and Passion of Jesus with Dr. Christian A. Eberhart    [more...]
Lecture 1: Who Was Jesus?    Was the Crucifixion Necessary?
Lecture 2: Celebrating Salvation: What is the Power of the Eucharist / Last Supper?
Lecture 3:  Why a Passion  About the Passion Reveals Your Passion?
                         Christian Eberhart and David Goa reflect on Mel Gibson's movie and the meaning of Jesus' death
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