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Can You Be a Christian Apart from Church?
A Centre Consultation with Rev. Dr. Brian Krushel    [more...]
Beyond the Stereotypes: Missionaries, Science and Culture in the South Pacific
A Ronning Centre Seminar with Jane Samson   [more...]
The Bible: From Weapon to Life-Giving Word, Part 1      (Part 2 is given in 2008-Winter sriesl)
A Study Circles presentation with David Goa and Dittmar Mündel     [more...]
1st Speaker,David Goa
2nd Speaker, Dittmar Mündel
3rd Speaker, David Goa
Is Political Friendship Possible in the Modern Age?
A Ronning Centre Seminar with Dr. John von Heyking    [more...]
The Augustana Distinguished Lectures with Rev. Dr. Timothy Curle    [more...]
1. Re-thinking the Enlightment: New Directions for International Human Rights    [more...]

2. "The Most Important Book I Have Ever Read"
    John Humphrey, Henri Bergson and International Human Rights     [more...]

3.  What Has Constantinople To Do With New York?
     Byzantine Reflections on International Human Rights      [more...] 

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