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2006 - Winter
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Preaching the Social Gospel in the 21st Century:
Challenging Secular, Religious and Market Fundamentalisms      [more...]
A Ronning Forum with Keynote given by Rev. Bill Blaikie, MP and responsponded to by Honourable Walter McLean . This is followed by a public forum.
01- Introduction with Keynote given by Rev. Bill Blaikie, MP
         Deputy Leader of the NDP and minister in the United Church
02- Respondent: Honourable Walter McLean
         Cabinet minister in the Mulroney government and minister in the Presbyterian Church
03- Public Forum with David Goa, Professor John Heimstra, Bishop Victoria Matthews,
      Mrs. Shadya Nanji, Walter McLean, Bill Blaikie
Public Launch of the Ronning Centre     [more...]
Choir Augustana Choir
Speakers: Dr. Roger Epp (Dean of Augustana Faculty),
Audrey Ronning Topping (Photo Journalist)
Seymore Topping (Professor)
Berdie Fowler (Editor)
Dr. Brian Evans (Professor Emeritus)
Bishop Raymond Schultz (National Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada)
Dr. Carl Amrhein (Provost of the U of A)
A Christian Science Understanding of Religion and Public Life
A Consultation with Professor Nicholas Wickenden and responded to by Dittmar M√ľndell   [more...]
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